New Titles 8/13/2022

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Posted on 08/13/2022
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Milk Street: The World in a Skilletcover of Milkstreet: The World in a Skillet
by Christopher Kimball

Available as: print

When people talk about their experience using one of the Milk Street collection of cookbooks, the takeaway is that each of the Milk Street recipes delivers.  These recipes are so well researched, tested and explored that they are designed to be executed at home, with results you will find satisfying visually and to eat.  This newest cookbook is all about the simplicity of the skillet while not compromising on flare and flavor.  The organization of this book is by cooking times 1 hr., 45 minutes and 30 minutes or less) as well as sections for recipes by categories from sides to pastas, grains, pan roasts and sandwiches.  Along with this brand-new Milk Street cookbook, we also have 7 prior ones on our shelves.


cover of Girls Can Kiss NowGirls Can Kiss Now
by Jill Gutowitz

Available as: print book

Hilarious, cheeky, earnest and pop culture delicious.  Jill Gutowitz timely collection of personal essays explores the intersection of queerness, relationships, the internet/social media and truth telling.  A book that helps make sense of our past, present and future through fresh eyes and with a voice that is intoxicating, vulnerable and blunt as she examines her own life alongside a critique of contemporary culture.



cover of Good Eats 4Good Eats 4: The Final Years
by Alton Brown

Available as: print book

Rich in the flavor of humor, irony and a playful sense of style and teachable cooking moments.  Full of food facts and must-have recipes from his Good Eats television series, this is the 4th and final volume in his Good Eats series.  The recipes are classic Americana and flavors of the world, simple instructed with photos and step-by-step instructions, headnotes, tips and sidebars that support each recipe.  High energy cooking instruction for die-hard fans and newcomers alike.