New Titles 8/20/2022

Youth Titles
Posted on 08/20/2022
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I want Ice Cream!cover of I Want Ice Cream!
by Elisabetta Pica

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When a little boy is denied an ice cream cone by his dad, the disappointment he feels is extreme. This picture book features simple black and white line drawings with pops of color to represent feelings as the little boy goes from sadness (blue), to envy of others with cones of their own (green), to anger (red) and more. This picture book is both humorous and relatable as the boy and his father navigate his ice cream tantrum. 


cover of It's Better Being a BunnyIt’s Better Being a Bunny
by Merilyn Sadler

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P.J. Funnybunny is having a bad day. His mom won’t let him do anything! He isn’t allowed to eat ice cream for breakfast, he can’t hang upside down from a tree, he isn’t even allowed to watch a scary movie! But when P.J. visits his friend Potts Pig, whose mom lets him do all the things he can’t do at home, P.J. thinks he would much rather be a Pig than a Funnybunny! But then P.J. gets a stomachache and has a bad dream, and P.J. realizes that while it’s fun to be a pig, it’s better being a bunny!


The Rez Detectivescover of The REZ Detectives
by Steven Paul Judd

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It’s a hot summer day and Tasembo just wants to chill, but that’s not an option when the Ice Cream Man is a no show! Instead of sitting around, Tasembo decides to try and impress his crush, solve the mystery, and find the Ice Cream Man! Tasembo joins forces with his neighbor, Nuseka and his dog, Billy Jack, to take on their first cast as the Rez Dog Detectives. Will the two friends be able to crack the case and serve up some ice-cold justice?!