New Titles 9/17/2022

Youth Titles
Posted on 09/17/2022
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Pirate Queens: Dauntless Women Who Dared to Rule the High Seascover of Pirate Queens
by Leigh Lewis

Available as: Print Book

Pirating isn’t just for the boys! In this Juvenile Non-Fiction book, learn all about daringly dangerous female pirates from all around the world! Meet Ching Shih, a Chinese pirate who ruled a fleet of 80,000 men, follow Anne Bonny as she runs away from an arranged marriage to trade her wedding gown for trousers and tosses her bouquet to brandish a pistol in the Bahamas, plus many more fascinating lady pirates!


cover of Search for the SpyglassSearch for the Spyglass
by Melissa Lagonegro

Available as: Print Book

This Juvenile Reader is full of adventure on the high seas! Santiago and the crew go on a quest to find Capitan Calavera’s magical spyglass. To get the spyglass, they will first have to thwart the plans of the bad pirate Enrique Real de Palacios III! Check out pages full of comic style panels with bright, colorful illustrations with large text and simple sentence structures this book is great for anyone embarking on their own independent reading voyage. 


Crossbonescover of Crossbones
by Kimberly Vale

Available as: Print Book

The Pirate King is dead, and so the search for a new king of the pirates begins through a deadly competition called The Trials, where the winner will be crowned as the new Pirate King. Csilla Abado, Kane Blackwater and Lorelei Penny converge on this proving ground, each with their own ambitions and desires. While they all think they have a plan for victory, the sea proves unpredictable. Dark tides are rising, and if they aren’t careful, they’ll surely drown.