Learning with Linkedin

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Posted on 10/01/2022
Dan Owens

Learning with Linkedin
Dan Owens, Library Director, Neill Public Library

We live in an always-changing world, and we’re constantly implored to learn new skills, particularly when it comes to technology. But doing so isn’t easy. Once we leave a formal school setting, how are we supposed to keep up? Many of the free resources we find online are fairly low quality, and often ask for our personal information. Or there’s a free component, but to access quality instruction, you have to pay- usually some sort of monthly subscription fee. And we all know those monthly subscriptions add up fast.

Another issue is that many software programs (sorry, they’re “apps” now, I know) change constantly. Things that used to update every few years now seem to change every month. It is even difficult to keep up using instruction manuals and textbooks- sometimes it seems as soon as a book is published, it’s out of date. In fact, for many apps these days, instruction books are not published at all.

Neill Public Library cardholders can pursue lifelong learning with access to LinkedIn Learning, a robust online resource with more than 12,000 courses. New courses are added and existing courses are updated frequently, and you can learn at your own pace. And Whitman County Library cardholders have access to LinkedIn Learning as well.

LinkedIn Learning courses range from basic computer skills to advanced computer programming, including instruction on various software programs, programming languages, and business topics. Video courses are taught by industry experts and designed for any skill level. LinkedIn Learning courses are available for dozens of apps, programming languages, and entire career fields, including:

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.)
  • Adobe Creative Suite and other specialized software including QuickBooks, GIS, and CAD programs
  • Coding and markup languages such as C, Java, Python, Ruby, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and PHP
  • Multimedia creation including Audacity, iMovie, Garage Band, and much more

LinkedIn Learning is not limited to computer software, though. It also offers courses on general business topics and personal advancement, such as:

  • Starting and managing a small business, including finance and accounting courses
  • Project management, communication, marketing, and leadership
  • Data analysis and visualization, user experience, and general web design
  • Creative arts including music, film, animation, and game design

Here at the library, when we wanted to start a podcast, we knew wanted it to sound good, but we didn’t have any expertise with voice recording and audio editing- so we headed to LinkedIn Learning and took several courses on Audacity, a free audio editing app. The courses were incredibly useful and very well done. And we think our podcast sounds pretty good. 

LinkedIn Learning is available inside or outside the library, from any device with an internet connection.  Best of all, it’s free with your Neill Public Library card. To get started, grab your library card and visit www.neill-lib.org, then select LinkedIn Learning on the menu. Happy learning!