New Titles 11/19/2022

Youth Titles
Posted on 11/19/2022
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Juana & Lucas- Muchos Changescover of Juana & Lucas: Muchos Changes
by Juana Medina

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Juana thinks that her life in Bogota, Colombia is just about perfect. But then Mami springs two new sorpresas on Juana. One: Juana has to spend her school break learning to skate rather than relaxing like she normally would and Two: Mami is going to have a baby! How will Juana cope with all this change?! It’s a good thing that Juana has a loving family, understanding friends and the ready ear of her furry amigo Lucas to see her through this time!


cover of ChupaCarterChupaCarter
by George Lopez

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Jorge is twelve and doesn’t feel as though he fits in at his new middle school in New Mexico. Jorge is struggling to make new friends, avoiding school bullies, and adjusting to life in his grandparent’s home. Then Jorge meets someone who shares his interests in sneakers, junk food and games- could this be the friend he’s been looking for?! The only problem? This new friend happens to be a young Chupacabra- a legendary monster with a fearsome reputation! But there’s more to Carter the Chupacabra than meets the eye, and Jorge is going to have to balance his life as a normal pre-teen with protecting his new mythical friend!


Charlie Hernandez & the Golden Doomscover of Charlie Hernandez & the Golden Dooms
by Ryan Calejo

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In this newest installment of the Charlie Hernandez series, Charlie has just gotten back from his latest adventure and finds himself pretty much grounded for life. But when you’re the fifth and final Morphling, trouble tends to find you. That’s exactly what happens with the dead start showing up around Charlie, starting with a mysterious young calaca who drops cryptic hints about trouble brewing all around them.