New Titles 12/17/2022

Youth Titles
Posted on 12/17/2022
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Egyptian Mythscover of Egyptian Myths
by Jean Menzies

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Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt and learn about monstrous creatures, magical spells and warring gods in this collection of Egyptian myths. Explore ancient myths retold with striking illustrations by multi-award winning artist Katie Ponder. Read 20 fascinating myths coupled with historical information about ancient Egypt’s culture and beliefs. This book has something for everyone- from those just starting to be curious about ancient Egypt to advanced Egyptology experts.


cover of Ancient RomeAncient Rome
by Simon James

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Travel to ancient Rome in this non-fiction book filled with pictures of actual artifacts and detailed illustrations. Become an eyewitness to the wonders of one of history’s greatest civilizations, from its vast empire to gladiator fights, this book takes you through a visual tour of one of history’s most famous ancient civilizations. This book helps readers learn not only about big picture events in the Roman Empire’s history, but also takes you on a tour of a typical Roman household and the daily life of a Roman citizen.


Cleopatra Tells All!cover of Cleopatra Tells All!
by Chris Naunton

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What if you could hear about famous historical events from the people who lived them? In this book, Cleopatra takes center stage to tell her story in her own words. Through entertaining storytelling and comic style illustrations, you’ll see this Ancient Egyptian ruler like never before. Brought back to life to tell her own version of history, this politically savvy, multilingual, cosmopolitan ruler of Alexandria reveals herself to be the world’s very first influencer!