New Titles 12/24/2022

Adult Titles
Posted on 12/24/2022
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How to Write a Song That MattersCover of How to Write Songs That Matter
By Dar Williams

Available as: print book

Whether you have spent decades listening to Dar Williams, possibly first on a mixtape or on a long road trip or her name is new to you, she is both a prolific songwriter, musicologist and teacher on the art of songwriting.  For anyone who has ever wanted to write a song, edit an existing one or deepen their understanding and curiosity for the songwriting process this book encourages the reader to ask themselves so thought provoking questions that will unleash more music into the world.


cover of How We HealHow We Heal: Uncover Your Power and Set Yourself Free
By Alexandra Elle

Available as: print book

Healing is possible and Alexandra Elle not only demonstrates her own journey, the ongoing upkeep and also provides the gentle, firm, inspiring and essential guidance to do the work.  Woven into this book are healing stories from Elle’s life and that of a wide range of liberating voices that remind us to take time for rest, mindfulness, boundary setting, meditation, self-care and self-discovery.  You can read one page and feel the impact or the entire book and be find your own restoration.


Art is Life: Icons and Iconoclasts, Visionaries and Vigilantes, and Flashes of Hope in the Nightcover of Art is Life
By Jerry Saltz

Available as: print book

Jerry Saltz defends in Art Is Life for the essential voice and existence of the creatives, makers and artists and they are a litmus test for the humanity of the world.  With humor, candor and unapologetic bluntness, Saltz tells it like it is and in one small book engages the reader in a contemporary conversation on art and culture that celebrates and amplifies too often overlooked artists and creators.  Jerry Saltz is the senior art critic at New York Magazine and is known for his charismatic and through provoking writing.