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Adult Titles
Posted on 01/21/2023
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Houseplant Oasiscover of Houseplant Oasis
by Melissa Lo

Available as: print book

One plant can transform a room or office space.  With attention to light, propagation, soil, sun and styling, Melissa Lo’s Houseplant Oasis is the parenting book for your plant babies.  Whether you are raising an overgrown adolescent or a quiet succulent, this book has tips that will help you cultivate an inspiring green space or showcase your own plant shelfie.


cover of Chokepoint CapitalsimChokepoint Capitalism
by Rebecca Giblin & Cory Doctorow

Available as: eBook & print book

An engrossing book and call to action for anyone who has something to say about “Big Tech and Big Media”.  A collaboration of research and commentary shining a light on this escalating era of Chokepoint Capitalism.  The authors coined this word to describe what they see as the defining feature of the modern economy, “corporations weaponizing their power to crush competition and lock in customers.”  Chokepoint Capitalism ultimately results in lower wages for workers and higher prices for consumers while record profits go to the corporations.


Fatty Fatty Boom Boom: A Memoir of Food, Fat & Familycover of Fatty Fatty Boom Boom
by Rabia Chaudry

Available as: print book

Rabia Chaudry is known for her podcast Undisclosed and her book on Adnan Syed and the Serial podcast that featured his story.  Fatty Fatty Boom Boom is her story, that chronicles her love of food, the dozens of times she tried and failed to diet and ultimately making peace with her body and not letting the weight of it, weigh her down.  A love letter to her Pakistani family and a laugh out loud read while also challenging cultural and gendered pressures on women and food.