New Titles 2/18/2023

Adult Titles
Posted on 02/18/2023
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A Book of Days
by Patti Smith

Available as: print book

Patti Smith is an iconic musician, visual artist, performer and writer.  A Book of Days is a collection of 365 days, a calendar year.  In 1996 Smith began chronicling each day with a Polaroid photograph.  In this book, alongside each of these snapshots from her day that capture the visual simplicity and artistry of her perspective, is a memory from her journal.  


cover of We All Want Impossible ThingsWe All Want Impossible Things
by Catherine Newman

Available as: print book, eBook

A story of deep friendship and what it means to face sorrow and grief while still making room for bittersweet joy.  Edi and Ash have been inseparable friends for over 42 years, when Edi’s terminal cancer diagnosis brings all the memories, mistakes, escapades and feelings into one hospice room. A book for anyone who has loved someone deeply and finds comfort in laughing through the tears. 


A Guest at the Feastcover of A Guest at the Feast
by Colm Toibin 

Available as: print book

A brilliant and internationally relished writer, Colm Toibin is known as a novelist.  In this collection of autobiographical essays, his memoir of growing up in Ireland is told with vulnerable, compelling, intimate and hilarious wit and wisdom.  Cancer, priests, popes, sexuality and a love for literature are woven throughout his reflections on his life lived during a time of radical change in Ireland and across the landscape of humanity.