New Titles 3/25/2023

Youth Titles
Posted on 03/25/2023
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Bhai for Nowcover of Bhai for Now
by Maleeha Siddiqui

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An unforgettable Muslim family is at the core of this modern retelling of the classic Parent Trap story. Ashar is busy playing ice hockey, studying for the best grades, and hanging out with friends. Shaheer and his father are always moving for his dad’s work, and all he wants is a place that feels like home. When Ashar and Shaheer meet, it’s like looking in a mirror and they quickly realize they’re twins separated at birth. Now the two boys will do anything to get to know the parent they were separated from, even if that means trading lives!


cover of Zara's Rules for Finding Hidden TreasureZara’s Rules for Finding Hidden Treasure
by Hena Khan

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Zara loves riding her bike with friends, so when her shiny brand-new bike goes missing from the park, she’s crushed. After her parents insist she earn the money for another one herself, Zara’s determined to start a business. But getting a new business started is harder than Zara first thought! Zara’s starting to get discouraged when she and her friend Naomi finally come up with the perfect idea: The Treasure Wagon, a roving garage sale that unloads knickknacks from the Saleem family basement and makes money all at once! But when a mix-up gets Zara in hot water again, will she have to give up everything she’s earned toward her new bike?


Stand Up! 10 Mighty Women Who Made a Changecover of Stand Up! 10 Mighty Women Who Made a Change
by Brittney Cooper

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From Brittney Cooper, a leading Black feminist voice of our time, comes a non-fiction collection of ten historic female figures who changed the world by standing up for what’s right. Learn more about historic activists like Ruby Bridges to contemporary change makers like Bree Newsome.  Cooper's enlightening text depicts both famous and unsung Black women who took a stand and made the world a better place for future generations.