New Titles 4/1/2023

Adult Titles
Posted on 04/01/2023
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The Wise Hourscover of The Wise Hours
By Miriam Darlington

Available: print book

What begins as an immersive global fieldwork journey studying owls, creates connections within the authors own life and the interconnectedness of all creatures.  With a vulnerable depth of thought provoking introspective writing alongside a deeply researched subject, the humanity of our existence comes into focus and flight.



Jewish Holiday Cooking
By Joshua Korn, Scott Gilden, Kimberly Zerkel

Available: print book

Holiday cooking with recipes for celebrating throughout the year and the global culture of Jewish cooking that honors the many “traditions, histories, and ethnic backgrounds” of Jews of the diaspora.  With full page photos for nearly each recipe along with overviews and descriptions of the origins and communities of where each recipe comes from.  A celebration of a unique ethnic people whose recipes are interconnected and also have adopted the ingredients, spices and nuances where home has become.


Stone Cold Foxcover of Stone Cold Fox
By Rachel Koller Croft

Available: print book

After a lifetime under the instruction of her mother, Bea is ready to rise above swindling men for profit and choreograph marrying the wealthiest one she can procure and relax into a world of old money and a filthy rich existence.  While the skills to secure the engagement ring come naturally, what Bea hasn’t accounted for is the force field of family and friends determined to vet and protect. In this debut novel by Rachel Koller Croft, our pivotal protagonist must ultimately confront who she wants to be vs who her mother raised her to be.