City Receives Port's Rezoning Application

The Port of Whitman County Submits Rezoning Application
Posted on 03/03/2023
PULLMAN, WA—City of Pullman staff received an application from the Port of Whitman County requesting a rezone for its proposed Agricultural Advancement Campus that is under review for completeness.

The Port requests classification of approximately 84 acres of land near U.S. Highway 195 and Old Wawawai Road to Industrial Research Park (IRP) and commercial zoning. The area is currently zoned R-1, R-2, C-1, and C-3. The application does not specify any site-specific uses.

The Port also submitted a SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) checklist, the review of which will help the City of Pullman determine if the project poses a significant environmental risk. Once a preliminary determination is announced by the City of Pullman on the SEPA requirement, a 14-day public comment period begins.

After the public comment period ends, if any person with standing appeals the SEPA checklist, an independent Hearing Examiner would address the item at a future meeting.

Following the completion of the environmental review, the rezone application would be added to the next available Planning Commission agenda, which would include a public hearing. The Planning Commission, while considering residents’ written and verbal comments, would then formulate a recommendation to be presented to the City Council.

City Council could choose to either approve, deny, or remand to the Planning Commission the Port’s request. The City Council meeting would not include a public comment component.

If approved by City Council, local and state permitting would follow. The permitting phase would offer further opportunities for public participation through additional SEPA review for construction or conditional use permit processes.

The City of Pullman will continue to communicate to the community at each stage regarding the progress of the Port’s application and any opportunities for public engagement. Updates and information can be found at

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