New Titles 4/15/2023

Adult Titles
Posted on 04/15/2023
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Find the Words
by Colin Campbell

Available as: print book

Written from personal experience, reflection and immense grief, Finding the Words is a new book on grief that implores us to grieve in community and use lots of words.  For anyone who has ever heard or said, “there are no words” when confronted with someone else’s sorrow, this book offers wisdom for all readers.  This is a useful, practical, vulnerable and brave guide for “working through profound loss with hope and purpose.”


cover of The Creative Act: A Way of BeingThe Creative Act: A Way of Being
by Rick Rubin

Available as: print book

A collection of 78 thoughts on what it is to create art and live an artists life.  Profoundly impactful and a book that will make the creative feel deeply seen and understood in a thoughtful and succinct way.  Whether an artist or writer, this book will provide in influx of meaning and direction.


Hijab Butch Bluescover of Hijab Butch Blues
by Lamya H

Available as: print book

A Queer Muslim immigrant coming of age memoir explores the universal story of yearning for autonomy alongside a deep connection to identity.  A devout Muslim, Lamya turns towards the Quran to guide not only her faith but also her lifelong quest to belong in community. A powerful healing and courageous and hopeful memoir.