City Council Approves Water Conservation Code

City Council Approves Water Conservation Code
Posted on 03/30/2023
PULLMAN, WA—At the meeting held on March 28, the City Council voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance to establish a Water Conservation Code, introducing irrigation guidelines for residents and other entities that operate on the City’s water system.

The code includes an outdoor irrigation program that establishes:

- An outdoor irrigation season: June 1 to September 30 each year, unless declared otherwise.

- A watering frequency of up to three (3) days per week based on even and odd address numbering.

- A watering window of 6 p.m.-10 a.m.

The code prohibits watering impervious surfaces like sidewalks and roadways.

“We understand change isn’t easy, but we also know what happens if we do nothing,” said City Engineer and Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee (PBAC) Chair Cara Haley. “Passing an ordinance of this kind is prudent and a critical step toward reducing the trend of high outdoor water use. These measures encourage sustainability and empower us all to be better stewards of our water supply.”

The data show that outdoor irrigation accounts for nearly one-third of all water pumped by the City of Pullman each year. A variation of the Water Conservation Code applies to the Pullman Parks Department, identifying watering guidelines for parks and other City-owned spaces. The code variation also applies to the Pullman School District as a user of the City’s water supply.

The City of Pullman has maintained an active presence in PBAC for over 50 years, supporting water education, sustainability practices, and the search for effective solutions to address our region’s water challenges. The City will continue collaborating with regional partners and educating and empowering the Pullman community to effectively conserve water and preserve our aquifer.

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