New Titles 12/30/2023

The Lost Year the lost year
by Katherine Marsh

Available as: Print Book, eBook, eAudio

Middle-grade readers who enjoy historical fiction will want to check this one out! Told in dual timelines, the novel follows Matthew as he discovers a part of his great-grandmother’s story he never knew. The novel alternates between the US and the USSR in the 1930’s; specifically, during the Holodomor, a famine that killed millions in Ukraine.


The Rhythm of Timethe  rhythm of time 
by Questlove with S.A. Cosby

Available as: Print Book, eBook, eAudio

It all starts with a cell phone­­—granted, this one is created by seventh grader Rahim Reynolds’ best friend, Kasia, and gives Rahim the ability to travel back in time. As Rahim tries to make it home without altering anything in the present, Kasia outwits government agents who are a bit too interested in her inventions. 


The Mossheart’s Promise    the mossheart's promise 
by Rebecca Mix

Available as: Print Book

Follow along as twelve-year-old fairy Canary Mossheart tries to find her missing father, and along the way discovers that she and everyone she loves are trapped inside of a terrarium. To find her father and save her world, Ary will have to battle a dangerous mold that threatens to consume them all, and make some friends along the way.
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