New Titles 1/6/2024

Lapidarium, The Secret Lives of Stones lapidarium
by Hettie Judah

Available as: print book

A wonderland of history, true stories, geology and mythical powers of 60 stones.  The 60 stones are divided into chapters; Stones and Power, Sacred Stones, Stones and Stories, Stone Technology, Shapes in Stone and Living Stones.  Within these chapters is something for the scientist to the spiritual.  Written with a depth of research and aesthetic appreciation for the complex and mystery within these minerals.  A beautiful book that can be read cover to cover or browsed.


Terrace Story terrace story
by Hilary Leichter

Available as: print book

An astonishing unclassifiable novel that creates an entire world and within that world is a small apartment in a crowded city.  Like something out of Narnia, through a closet a terrace is discovered but its only reachable when one particular friend stops by to visit. A novel unlike anything you have read before, unless you have read Hilary Leichter’s prior novel Temporary, and it is “an astounding meditation on loss, a reverie about extinction, and a map for where to go next.”


Recipe for Second Chances 
by Ali Rosenrecipe for second chances

Available as: print book

Author Ali Rosen writes romance, cookbooks and also hosts and award winning cooking show.  Recipe for Second Chances stirs together good food and a love story that might need to marinate longer than the recipe predicts.  Stella Park is headed to Italy to celebrate her best friend’s wedding and an unexpected ingredient shows up in this destination foodie wedding in the form of Samuel Gordon.  He is Stella’s ex, whose heart she broke ten years prior and she must determine if he is the one who got away or the love story with a happy ending. 
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