New Titles 1/20/2024

The Wildest Sun the wildest sun
by Asha Lemmie

Available as: print book

A dazzling debut novel of the search for identity.  Delphine Auber is a novice writer on the cusp of adulthood, aching for belonging, approval and to find the father she has never known.  Her quest takes her on a multi continent journey that leads her to face her past, who she sees herself to be in the future and where her path lies.


How to Say Babylon how to say babylon
by Safiya Sinclair

Available as: print book

Author Safiya Sinclair was raised in Jamaica by a violent volatile father and a subservient mother who followed a strict sect of Rastafari that saw the Western world to be a corrupt and forbidden influence.  Suffocated by her father’s rules and her mother’s voicelessness, Safiya’s secret access to books and poetry, become a lifeline to finding her voice and an escape.  This is not only a memoir but also a reckoning with patriarchy, colonialism and the silencing of women as a means of control.  It is a universally relatable story of a woman finding her power and a glimpse into rare world of Rastafari that many aren’t familiar with.


Living Resistance living resistence
by Kaitlin B. Curtice

Available as: print book

A book that is both timeless and timely and written by Indigenous author Kaitlin who reclaims the word “resistance” and offers it back up from a holistic, intentional and authentic perspective.  An invitation into the sacred realm of ancient wisdom and the ancestors.
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