New Titles 2/3/2024

The Amen Effect: Ancient Wisdom to Mend Our Broken Hearts and World 
by Sharon Brous  the amen effect

Available as: print book

Nestled within an ancient text called the Mishnah, or the Oral Torah, Rabbi Sharon Brous became drawn to one story in particular about an ancient annual event that resulted in those who were broken hearted felt seen and acknowledged by the community.  It led Brous to really wonder about what it means to turn towards instead of away from someone hurting and to have your grief seen and to see another’s.  What is the impact to us as individuals, communities and a society?  A transformative book that is getting praise from team Oprah, Maria Shriver, Daniel Pink, Adam Grant, Mayim Bialik, Krista Tippet, Bryan Stevenson and more.


Herbal: 100 Herbs From the World’s Healing Traditions 
by Mimi Prunella Hernandez  herbal

Available as: print book

From National Geographic, a comprehensive herbal compendium of herbal wisdom from around the world.  With a multifaceted approach to use, understanding and sourcing of herb, this is the book that has gathered immense research into one place.  A hefty book with a healing interior.


The Noom Kitchen: 100 Healthy, Delicious, Flexible Recipes for Every Day
By Tom Print  the noom kitchen

Available as: print book

Noom has an international following with their app for weight management and digital health that uses a mindset approach. By focusing on the psychology of food and behavior, their results have created a global fan base.  Noom Kitchen is the follow up cookbook to The Noom Mindset and this second cookbook brings even more “health-forward foods” and recipes that cook up easily for all skill levels in the kitchen.  The Noom approach adds a healthy twist to your favorite comfort foods, recipes designed to be portable so you can eat them on the go and techniques that boost nutrient density.
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