New Titles 2/10/2024

Artifacts of an ExArtifacts of an Ex
by Jennifer Chen

Available as: Print Book, eBook

Middle-grade readers who enjoy historical fiction will want to check this one out! Told in dual timelines, the novel follows Matthew as he discovers a part of his great-grandmother’s story he never knew. The novel alternates between the US and the USSR in the 1930’s; specifically, during the Holodomor, a famine that killed millions in Ukraine.


Waffles and Pancake: Best Friends Fur-ever
by Drew Brockingtonwaffles and pancake

Available as: Print Book, eBook

Siblings Waffles and Pancake are off to Space Cat Camp to learn how to be CatStronauts! But their adventure doesn’t come without some bumps along the way. A prequel that fans of the Waffles and Pancake series and new readers alike will love.


Love Comes Firstlove comes first
by Jenna Bush Hager & Barbara Pierce Bush

Available as: Print Book

It all starts when two sisters wish for a new sibling…and a baby brother and new cousin arrive! In this heartwarming picture book, the kids learn that family is family, no matter how they appear.

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