New Titles 2/17/2024

To Name the Bigger Lie: A Memoir in Two Stories 
by Sarah Viren  TO Name the Bigger Lie

Available as: print book

Without giving away any spoilers, one must just say that this memoir looks at the impact a false allegation has on a family.  Sarah and her wife Marta are both professors with two young children when a series of mysterious emails disrupt their lives, a job offer and even leads them to question their own sanity.  A labyrinth of lies and conspiracies create a vortex of unimaginable confusion.  What is the truth in this society that seems infused with fake news and in her memoir, Sarah Viren goes to great lengths to show the complexity one must go through to prove facts and in doing so exploring the quintessential meaning of truth.


The Furies: Women, Vengeance, and Justice 
by Elizabeth Flock the furies

Available as: print book

A global excavation and exploration into the rage of women both in self-defense, as part of women led militias and as vigilantes.  Elizabeth Flock has taken the theme of women’s rage and yearning for justice and tells it through the lens of three different women from the USA, Syria and India. History and mythology throughout the world and since time immemorial, have chronicled and depicted women’s lives ending in violence and yet there are also real and fictional stories of women fighting back.  Ultimately this book asks, “what would societies in which women have real power look like?”.


Living the Artist’s Way: An Intuitive Path to Greater Creativity 
by Julia Cameron  Living the Artist's Way

Available as: print book

Julia Cameron has authored over 40 books, fiction and nonfiction, and is best known for her Artist’s Way series.  Not only an active artist, Camerson is also a novelist, playwright, songwriter and poet.  In this new book, as in prior Artist’s Way books, she guides the reader through exercises and a gentle and encouraging approach to artmaking while removing boulders of self-doubt or how to begin.

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