New Titles 2/24/2024

Blackout   blackout
by Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon

Available as: Print Book, eBook, eAudio

A short story collection from six of YA’s most popular authors, these interlinked stories tell six unique perspectives after a heatwave causes all of New York City to blackout. Tales of first love, new friends, and a reuniting make up BLACKOUT, and is sure to not be missed! 


Remember Us   remember us
by Jacqueline Woodson

Available as: Print Book, eBook, eAudio

This story takes place during the summer before Sage starts seventh grade. There’s a lot on her plate: houses in her neighborhood keep burning down, the new kid in town catches her attention, and she’s trying to make some new friends. Will Sage be able to balance it all before school starts? 


Dear Friends   dear friends
by Lisa Greenwald 

Available as: Print Book, eAudio 

Middle schooler Eleni can’t figure out why her best friend since childhood doesn’t want to be friends with her anymore. To try and put the puzzle pieces together and save what’s left of their friendship, Eleni examines her biggest friendship mishaps from over the years. Can she figure out what went wrong with her latest friendship or will this one crash and burn, too?  

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