New Titles 3/2/2024

Groundbreakers, Celebrating 50 Years of Female Excellence in Sports 
a film by PBS and with Billie Jean King groundbreakers

A PBS documentary celebrating 50 years of game changing women in sports.  Billie Jean King, sports icon and activist, hosts the film that follows athletes through conversations and video footage.  A triumphant celebration and documentation of the women who challenged the system of sports and changed the games they played for their generation and all those to come.


Mudbound  mudbound
a film by Dee Rees

A film based on Hillary Jordan’s novel and set in the 1940’s Mississippi Delta amidst the Jim Crow south and World War II.  Two families’ lives, struggles and trauma intersect, one Black tenant farmers and the other white landholders.  Each family sends a son off to war and they return broken but with a common bond.  An American tragedy imbued with history and the realities or racism, war and the yearning to survive.


a film by Thierry Demaiziere and Alban Teurlai

A Paris high school invites a group of talented hip-hop dancers from a different neighborhood than the current students come from.  The new students, while surging with raw talent, their struggles with poverty, broken families and grief have scarred their pathways to this kind of educational setting.  The film shows that despite different upbringings, the shared passion of the school’s dancers, surpass upbringing and as the integrate, so does their “joy, hope and inner transformation”.
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