New Titles 3/9/2024

Making More: How Life Begins 
by Katherine Roymaking more

Available as: Print Book

You may know that life is all around you, but do you know how it begins? This nonfiction picture book explores the reproduction and survival of numerous animal species and plant life! 


All That’s Left to Say  all that's left to say
by Emery Lord

Available as: Print Book, eBook

Emery Lord delivers another powerful gem with her latest offering. Senior Hannah MacLaren’s cousin and best friend Sophie died of an overdose a year ago, and while it was declared an accident, Hannah is still looking for answers. Part thriller, part coming-of-age story, ALL THAT’S LEFT TO SAY delivers a punch that lasts far longer than the last page. 


A Far Wilder Magic a far wilder magic
by Allison Saft

Available as: Print Book, eBook, eAudio

The hunt is afoot­­—that is, the annual Halfmoon Hunt, during which the people in Margaret’s village go searching for a mythical, fox-like creature. This year, Margaret is entering the chase…but she needs a partner. Enter novice alchemist Weston, who has his own mysterious reasons for joining in the hunt. 

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