New Titles 3/16/2024

The Inventor
a film by Jim Capobianco, who also wrote Ratatouillethe inventor

This is a stop-motion animated biographical film about Leonardo da Vinci.  A heartfelt story that celebrates the power of human creativity with an abundance of humor, charm and warmth.  A movie for families and children of all ages.


Little Bird
directed by Erica Danielslittle bird

Little Bird is a six-episode series in one DVD case from PBS that also includes the feature length documentary Coming Home.  The series follows Little Bird who was forcibly taken from the Long Pine Reserve and then adopted by a Jewish family. Eighteen years after Bezhig Little Bird was taken from her indigenous family and renamed Esther Rosenblum, she sets out on a journey of reclaiming her identity and lost family.  A powerful story documenting attempts at erasure and the damage these rehoming of children have for generations.


Four Daughtersfour daughters
a film by Kaouther Ben Hania

Ambitious nonfiction cinema that weighs the impact of inherited trauma, how we remember in the midst of grief and the ties that bind mothers and daughters despite fractures.  Set amidst the backdrop of Islamic extremists in Tunisia, who have radicalized Olfa Hamrouni’s oldest two daughters.  Based on a true story and a mixture of documentary style retelling with Olfa and her younger two daughters and reenactments with actors playing the missing two older daughters.

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