New Titles 3/23/2024

Miguel’s Community Garden
by JaNay Brown-Woodmiguel's Community Garden

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Join Miguel as he hunts to find sunflowers to plant in his community garden! Miguel has to work quickly, as the party he’s throwing for the garden is just around the corner. Will he make it in time?


by Christiane AndrewsWolfish

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This new middle grade novel is inspired by Roman mythology and packed with magical adventures! After a startling encounter with a wolf near her family’s farm, twelve-year-old Rae begins to understand there’s far more to her family’s past than she first imagined. Joined by new friend Alba, Rae and her wolf are sent on a quest to save their world.


The National Parks: Preserving America’s Wild Places
by Falynn KochNational Parks

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It’s like a time machine, just in the form of a graphic novel! This installment in the series transports readers to 1872, when Yellowstone National Park was first established. Experience the beauty of one of our most well-known national parks, and meet some of the folks who have helped make it so famous!

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