New Titles 4/6/2024

Heroes of the Water Monster  heroes of the water monster
by Brian Young

Available as: Print Book

Family, adventure, and mythology collide in this exciting new middle grade novel. Follow along with Nathan and Edward in this Indigenous fantasy as they try to track down the entity responsible for stealing water from Navajo Nation.


Conjure Island  conjure island
by Eden Royce

Available as: Print Book

When eleven-year-old Delphinia is sent to live with her great-grandmother in South Carolina, she’s not initially on board. But once Del gets settled and begins to understand the magic Nana Rose wields, she’s immersed in a world brimming with secrets and strange creatures with even stranger abilities.


It’s Tough to Be Tiny: The Secret Life of Small Creatures  it's tough to be tiny
by Kim Ryall Woolcock

Available as: Print Book

Jump into the exciting world of micro animals, and learn for yourself what it’s like to be tiny! Learn how these small creatures survive in a big world, what they eat, and how they live.


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