Neill Public Library Beyond Walls

It’s official. Spring has arrived on the Palouse. No more bemoaning the daylight savings time change. Instead of a place to warm up while you attend author events, learn to play a ukulele, or check out one of our Voices kits, Neill Public Library will soon be a place to keep cool (we have spectacular AC) while you browse the new books display, use our free WiFi, or play in our youth area.

But what if you can’t visit our beloved community space in person? Whether prevented by mobility issues, recuperating from a surgery or illness, or residing in a continuous care facility, we have you covered. If you live in Pullman but can’t get to the library, we are happy to bring the library to you. As one of our Home Delivery Service patrons says, reading lets her travel in her mind- now that circumstances keep her from traveling in the world.

It’s a fast and easy process to get signed up! Visit our website at to apply online for our home delivery service or give us a call at 509-334-3595. We will get right back to you. This service comes with perks, like a longer lending period, reader’s advisory service, and monthly visits from me! Whether you are re-reading Agatha Christie mysteries, seeking an obscure memoir, looking to browse a cookbook, or keeping up with James Patterson, I can help find your favorites. I can even borrow them from other libraries if we don’t own them. Neill Public Library is truly a library without walls.

With pandemic restrictions behind us (knock wood, throw salt, do what you need to do), we are expanding our home delivery service to include monthly visits to continuous care and senior living facilities. Once a month, we bring a selection of books, magazines, movies, books on CD, and more for residents to browse. While there, we can make new library cards for you, take requests for items, and chat about reading.

We’re starting with Bishop Place, and hope to extend these regular visits to other facilities in Pullman very soon. Our aim is to reduce barriers to enjoying our public library and its amazing resources. Being a book “concierge” is my favorite thing about my job at Neill Public Library. I have loved reading since I was in a crib (I’m told I was pretending to read on my own) and even when books disappoint, animated conversations can ensue.

Of course, technology offers another way to use the library outside the building. The Washington Anytime Library and Libby app bring an entire world of books, audiobooks, and magazines to the palm of your hand, all for free with a library membership (which, by the way, is also free). Anyone who needs help using Libby can come in and talk with our exceptionally patient and tech savvy staff.

By Kate Ffolliott, Library Technician, Neill Public Library

And for those of us who relish the feel of actual pages, and the smell of a real book that doesn’t emit blue light, home delivery service can be an answer. Please give us a call (509) 334-3595 to learn more or fill out the (very short) form on our website (under “Adult Programs”). I’ll even deliver a genuine, low-tech paper application to you!
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