New Titles 5/11/2024

Assistant to the Villain 
by Hannah Nicole Maehrerassistant to the villain

Available as: print book

A laugh-out-loud comedic romance that begins with a most unusual job offer.  Be prepared for antics with squishy eyeballs, severed heads suspended from the ceiling and a drool worth crush on an unlikely hottie. A contemporary fairytale for the modern reader.


The Paris Connection 
by Lorraine Brownparis connection

Available as: print book

Hannah and her boyfriend Simon are on the train to Amsterdam for his sister’s wedding when in the middle of the night, the train divides and the couple head off in two different directions, Simon to Amsterdam but Hannah wakes up 300 miles away on a train to Paris.  The mishap proves to be the beginning of an unexpected and pivotal life changing day in Paris with an infuriating Frenchman but maybe also the detour to the life Hannah was always meant to live.  A romcom that sparkles and delivers!


The Secret Lives of Booksellers of Booksellers and Librarians, True Stories of the Magic of Reading 
By James Patterson and Matt Eversmannsecret lives of booksellers.jpb

Available as: print book

A literary love letter from those who shelve, order, love and share the books you find when you visit your favorite bookstores and libraries.  Stories behind the scenes and from the lives of librarians and booksellers and the delight comes in their love for reading and the work they do.  You will recognize names of places and maybe even people from your own community featured in this book that has Neill Public Library staff smiling , relating and telling our own stories too.
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