New Titles 5/18/2024

Coyote Lost and Found 
by Dan Gemeinhart coyote lost and found

Available as: Print Book, eBook, eAudio

In order to scatter her mom’s ashes, Coyote must first track down the book she accidentally sold that contains the location her mom picked out before her death. This novel for juveniles is a cross-country road trip that explores grief, family, and love. 


Drawing Deena 
by Hena Khan  drawing deena

Available as: Print Book

Deena is a young Pakistani American artist navigating her own anxiety and her parents’ constant fighting. But when Deena’s art gets more attention than she ever dreamed possible, the very thing she turned to in times of crisis is now causing one. 


The Stolen Heir 
by Holly Black stolen heir

Available as: Print Book, eBook, eAudio

Black returns to Elfhame, the magical fairy-world she first introduced to readers in her previous series. Eight years later, this latest installment features Prince Oak and Suren as they navigate all the dangers of Elfhame, and their growing feelings for each other. 

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