New Titles 5/25/2024

Rental Person Who Does Nothing, a memoir 
by Shoji Morimoto  rental person

Available as: print book

When Shoji Morimoto’s boss tells him yet again, that he contributes nothing to the company where he works and it makes no difference if he is there or not, an idea is born.  Shoji becomes his own boss as a “Rental Person”.  He is the anecdote for lonely moments in strangers lives where they want someone to witness and hear them.  From being hired to wave goodbye to someone boarding a train to being a date to dinner, Shoji becomes a stand in familiar person who does nothing except show up on que.  A book about a surprising growing trend, Japanese society and human psychology.


What’s Wrong? Personal Histories of Chronic Pain and Bad Medicine
By Erin Williams  whats wrong

Available as: print book

Not every illness, ache, fatigue and pain has a name yet or treatment and most of us know of someone going from doctor to doctor seeking answers and a way to live a life not defined and limited by chronic illness.  This is a book of personal histories, the link between trauma and illness and the ways bad medicine ignores, doesn’t believe and fails its most vulnerable members.  A somber, cathartic and beautifully illustrated, “celebration of nontraditional modes of healing, of how we become whole not because of health care but despite it.”


Island Time 
by Georgia Clark island time

Available as: print book

Two distinctly different families are brought together on a remote Australian island, their daughters a married couple and this is meant to be a short joint family vacation.  When a volcano erupts, these two families find themselves stranded together for six weeks in forced extended paradise.  Two poor island employees are the only others on the island with the Kellys who are loud messy and Aussie whereas the Lees are straight laced serious and aloof Americans. This book has something for everyone from queer romance, family drama and secrets, adventure, nature, parenting, white sand beaches, birds and the reality that our destiny can change at any age and anywhere.
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