New Titles 6/8/2024

ADHD is Awesome
by Penn and Kim Holderness  adhd is awesome

Available as: print book

Penn and Kim Holderness became kept us entertained throughout the pandemic lockdown with their social media videos that included comedy sketches, original songs and the mayhem of the household.  In their newest book together, they celebrate the awesomeness of ADHD with humor, compassion, stories, personal insights, strategies for both those with ADHD or their friends, co-workers, and family.  A thorough and resourceful guide that is fully accessible and enjoyable to read.


Acrylic Landsapes for Beginners
by Sarah Johnston  acrylic landscapes for beginners

Available as: print book

A brand new step-by-step guide to acrylic landscape painting will help you look towards to rolling hills of the Palouse, forests, rivers, and scenic PNW drives for inspiration.  An affordable art form that requires very few materials, Sarah Johnston’s technique takes you from blank canvas to hangable art.


5-Minute Yoga Fix with Peggy Cappy
Available as: DVD  5 minute yoga fix

This is the 5 minute yoga class for individuals who are too busy for a class.  In just a few minutes a day, Peggy Cappy teaches a daily routine that will help anyone incorporate some stretching, strength-building, meditation and breathing techniques  to enhance flexibility and mental clarity.



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