New Titles 6/22/2024

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Jew 
by Emmanuel Acho and Noa Tishbyuncomortable conversations with a jew

Available as: print book

Emmanual Acho and Noa Tishby, capture within a book one of the most important conversations techniques of listening to understand even when you might not agree.  Through a series of hard questions, answers and dialogue, they demonstrate the compassion that is built through uncomfortable conversations and in doing so encourage the reader to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  If you haven’t read Tishby or Acho’s prior books, they are excellent as well.  Emmanuel Acho’s website www. also hosts his series of other uncomfortable conversations coving a wide range of topics and guests.


Ancient Empires from the History Channel
Available as: DVDancient empires

This DVD contains all 3 episodes of the History Channel’s series Ancient Empires from Greece to Egypt to Italy.  This series is a dramatic retelling of these countries three most iconic rulers, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great.  With live action reenactments of explosive battles and expert interviews, this docuseries is worth a watch.


The Beekeeper starring Jason Statham
Available as: DVDthe beekeeper

A heart-pounding action-thriller that buzzes with corruption.  At the center of this movie is Adam Clay (played by Jason Statham) formerly active in a powerful and  mysterious operative called the  Beekeepers.  Now he is flying solo on a revenge mission that will expose the corruption at all levels of society.
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