New Titles 11/18/2023

A Long Stretch of Bad Days 
by Mindy McGinnis

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McGinnis is an expert at every genre she tries her hand at, and her latest YA-thriller continues to prove it. Working together in their small town on a podcast about the town’s history, Lydia and Bristal quickly realize they’re in for a lot more than they bargained for. Soon, the girls are up to their necks in secrets, danger, and, oh, yeah­­—clues to help them solve the long-cold-case of the town’s only murder. 

by Elise Broach

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Eleven-year-old musicians Mirabelle and Michael team up not only to perform at the upcoming Chopin Festival, but also to find a missing million-dollar piano. With real-life musical history interwoven, this is a fast-paced book that fans of music and mysteries alike will love.  

 All the Dead Lie Down 
by Kyrie McCauley

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If you loved The Haunting of Bly Manor, I cannot get this book into your hands fast enough. All the creepy, sapphic, haunted house energy you loved from the show has been masterfully replicated in the debut YA novel from McCauley. There’s also be some dead animals up and wandering the manor grounds—this one truly has it all.
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