Pullman PD Introduces Urban Rescue Vehicle


November 20, 2023
Jake Opgenorth, Chief of Police
Pullman Police Department
(509) 334-0802

Pullman PD Introduces Urban Rescue Vehicle

PULLMAN – The Pullman Police Department recently applied for and obtained a surplus MaxxPro MRAP, an armored vehicle built to withstand ballistic arms fire and emerging threats. The vehicle was obtained free of cost to the department.

Pullman PD’s new urban rescue vehicle (URV) will be primarily assigned to the Whitman County SWAT Team, equipped and utilized for transport, cover, and concealment in missions such as high-risk warrant service, hostage rescue, barricaded subjects, drone operations, and active shooter incidents. In general, this is anticipated to be the primary vehicle deployed in any situation where gunfire is possible, and to provide time and distance shielding for de-escalation efforts. The URV will also be available as a resource for nearby agencies, providing additional support for area incidents as needed.

The addition of this urban rescue vehicle to the agency’s fleet adds exceptional public safety value to the region. The area’s rural setting, unpredictable weather, limited resources, and university campuses exacerbate the need for reliable and accessible public safety tools. An armored vehicle capable of navigating versatile terrains and environments is invaluable in responding to emergency incidents on the Palouse.

The Pullman Police Department is proud to improve public safety response through the deployment of an urban rescue vehicle.

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