New Titles 11/25/2023

Shitty Craft Club
by Sam Reece

Available as : print bookshitty craft club

We hope this book inspires you to scour your house, drawers and bins for ridiculous bobbles and bits.  Gather it all together with a hot glue gun and your besties and let the hilarious fun begin.  This book invites and gives permission to be as “weird, wild and wonderful as you want to be.”


Let us Descendlet us descend
by Jesmyn Ward

Available as: print book

Jesmyn Ward is a fierce truth teller in her writing both fiction and nonfiction. Her writing is exemplary and the work of pure genius born out of lived experience woven into tangible stories that reach readers in unprecedented ways.  Let us Descend is for readers changed forever from Toni Morrison’s Beloved as there exists deep discomfort of knowing and not knowing alongside the characters who are both mythical and linked to the breath of to ancestors living and dead.


I Could Noshi could nosh

by Jake Cohen

Available as: print book

In this highly anticipated follow up to Jake Cohen’s Jew-ish Cookbook, this social media food darling takes his charismatic style and infuses each recipe with ample doses of chutzpah and flare.  Recipes so easy and delicious that one quickly learns to double them and freeze leftovers, if there are any, for quick weeknight dinners or showstopping dinner parties.  This is a cookbook you will sit and read, recipe by recipe and find yourself grinning.

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