New Titles 12/9/2023

The Great American Burger Book 
by George MotzThe great American burger

Available as: print book

A mouthwatering road trip and definitive guide to hamburger across America and a few international detours too.  Highlighting not only ingredients but also cooking methods and techniques that amplify and accentuate the regional flavors.  Each chapter focuses on a region and includes gastronomical history to the recipes included.


World Within a Song
by Jeff TweedyWorld within a Song

Available as: print book

World Within a Song reads like a mix tape where each song elicits a memory or might send you to your source for music, to listen to a particular tune.  See the world of music and art through the lens of a funny, big hearted musical genius.  It is an ode to music and written by one of the most talented songwriters of our time.


The Core of an Onion
by Mark Kurlanskythe core of an onion

Available as: print book

Mark Kurlansky is the author of over twenty books and known for his deep dives into a single subject with extensive historical research and often with catchy single word titles as MILK, COD, SALT, and PAPER.  His new book peels back the history of the “rarest common food”.  Woven throughout this book that might make your eyes water, are recipes, stories, illustrations and pictures.  Kurlansky has a way of making the ordinary extraordinary.
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