New Titles 12/16/2023

How to Excavate a Heart
by Jake Maia Arlowhow to excavate a heart

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Maia Arlow’s debut YA novel takes place over winter break, making it the perfect read for teens on their own break! A paleontology internship, a dog walking business, and one fateful car accident (who hasn’t accidentally hit their crush with their mom’s Subaru?) combine to make this a perfect holiday-time read.


The Whispering Dark
by Kelly Andrewthe whispering dark,jpg

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If you’re looking for a book tagged as “dark academia” and actually delivers on its promise, THE WHISPERING DARK is for you! This is equal parts paranormal romance and ghostly mystery, complete with all the doors to other worlds and dark hallways you can ever ask for. 


The Golden Dreidel
by Ellen Kushnerthe golden dreidel

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When Sara’s Tante Miriam gives her a golden dreidel during the family’s Chanukah party, she doesn’t think much of it…until she finds out that her dreidel is actually a princess in disguise! The princess leads Sara and her cousins to a magical land where they must battle demons, solve puzzles, and make sense of riddles. In doing so, they will save the princess­­, and maybe even learn a bit about themselves along the way.

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