Environmental Resilience Commission

On October 18, 2022, the Pullman City Council approved the adoption of the Environmental Resilience Commission as outlined in Ordinance NO.  22-22.
MissionTo develop and recommend innovative and collaborative actions for the City and community to mitigate climate change contributions and build equity, resiliency, and sustainability.


To advance environmental stewardship for a more healthy, equitable, and resilient local and global community now and for future generations.

Environmental Resilience Commission Goals

2024 ERC Goals

  1. Be a resource to and collaborate with City Officials and staff on climate actions and environmental sustainability initiatives.
  2. Prioritize resilience, equity, environmental justice, and further transformation toward sustainability.
  3. Engage, collaborate, and educate the entire community to gather input and encourage and promote action on climate and environmental sustainability.
  4. Identify and implement metrics to measure the effectiveness of environmental actions and policies, and report results to the community and City Officials.
  5. Gather input with different forms of data from community members, organizations, and stakeholders on ideas and proposals for the Commission.
  6. Collaborate with community organizations and institutions

2024 ERC Objectives

  1. Develop a Climate Action Plan with measurable goals, practical and achievable policies, and clear actions for the City and Community (e.g., identify achievable emissions reduction goals, monitor progress toward goals, find ways to adapt to climate impact, incentivize climate mitigation and adaptation, etc.).
  2. Create an Environmental Resilience Commission newsletter by October and marketing efforts to encourage Pullman residents to subscribe.
  3. Create and implement a survey to get community input.
  4. Collaborate with the Pullman School District and the community to form an and maintain communication with environmental youth council.
  5. Develop framework for a permanent staff position.
  6. Define ethics for preserving green spaces, environmental features, and natural areas.
  7. Identify and facilitate at least two grant proposals for the City to expand its resiliency to climate change.
  8. Identify and join organizations of local governments centered on environmental resiliency, climate change mitigation, and adaptation.
  9. Participate in community events to bring awareness to ways for Pullman residents to help in environmental resiliency efforts and to solicit public input.
  10. Develop framework for planting and introducing native species to green spaces.
  11. Meet annually with the Washington State University Sustainability and the Environment Committee and other organizations.


AuthorityPullman City Code 1.59
MembershipSeven (7)  members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The Environmental Resilience Commission shall select a chairperson and secretary from among its members.

Commission members shall be appointed to fill terms as follows:

  • Three (3) for one (1) year
  • Two (2) for two (2) years
  • Two (2) for three (3) years

Thereafter, all appointments shall be for a term of four (4) years.


Meets the 1st Friday of each month at  3:00 p.m. in Council Chambers located at 190 SE Crestview Street, Building A, Pullman, WA 99163.  All meetings of the commission shall be open to the public.


It shall be the duty of the Commission to seek private donations and grants to fund special events, outreach, and/or other activities associated with the Commission's mission, vision, or goals. The Commission shall propose recommendations, policies, etc., to the City Council for review and adoption on a mutually-determined as-needed basis.

Reporting Requirements

The minutes of each meeting shall (without limitation) contain its recommendations to the City Council. A copy of these minutes shall be forwarded to the City Administrator for delivery to the City Council.

Commission Chair

Larry Clark

Commission Vice-Chair

Lauren Kirkpatrick

Commission Secretary

Tianyi Chen


Azdren Coma
Stephen Johnson
Charles Ugwu

Ordinance NO. 22-22

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