Police Advisory Committee

MembershipThirteen (13) constituencies will be represented by primary members and alternates when available. Members are selected, approved, and appointed as per the Committee Mission and Guidelines document.


Member terms are not limited as long as they remain eligible to represent their appointed constituency. Chair and Co-Chair positions have a term of three (3) years. There is no restriction on the number of consecutive terms a member can serve in these positions.


Second Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall

Mission Statement

The Pullman Police Advisory Committee is a volunteer group whose members contribute their time and talents to promote public safety, form a liaison between the community and the police department, and assist in educating our community for a better understanding of the respective responsibilities of police and community members.

Duties & Responsibilities

To advise and make recommendations to the Chief of Police concerning the provision of police protection and services within the City of Pullman;
To enhance police-community relations by serving as a liaison between the police department and the community;
To review and make recommendations concerning police department policies, procedures, training, and programs;
To promote and support public awareness of the City pf Pullman's police services and programs;
To hold public meetings to solicit input from the community regarding police services, programs, and issues of public safety.

Items for Committee Review

The Pullman Police Advisory Committee welcomes and actively invites input and feedback from the citizens of the City of Pullman. If there is a community issue that you believe that the Police Advisory Committee should review, please contact the Committee by any one of the methods listed below.

Submissions to the Committee are compiled and submitted to Committee members on a monthly basis for review and discussion at the next scheduled Police Advisory Committee meeting. Community submissions may not receive a direct response.

Police Department Feedback

The City of Pullman has a feedback form that can be used to provide positive or negative feedback for the Police Department. If a negative complaint is received, a Police Sergeant is assigned to investigate the matter and report their findings to the Chief of Police. These forms are available at both, the Police Department and City Hall. The forms can be mailed to you upon request.

Agendas & Minutes

Apply Today
SEQ No Constituency Representative Alternate
1.00 College Hill Alyssa Welch Vacant
2.00 Military Hill Amy Ripley Vacant
4.00 Pioneer Hill Barbara Hammond Vacant
7.00 Sunnyside Hill Adam Williams K J
9.00 Business Community Eric Tetzlaff Nicole Drumhiller
11.00 Multicultural Community David Makin Angie Senter
13.00 WSU Staff & Faculty Melissa Painter Vacant
15.00 Pullman School District TBD
16.00 Pullman Middle/High School Student Sara Stratton-Hanson Keira Caessens
17.00 Pullman School District Parent Thomas Hanson Vacant
19.00 WSU Student Christina Shellabarger Vacant
21.00 Community At-Large Krista Gross Craig Watt
23.00 Pullman Police Department Chief Jake Opgenorth Darby Baldwin
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