SEPA 22-03 Appeal - Hearing Examiner Decision

Hearing Examiner Requests More Analysis From Rock Quarry Applicant
Posted on 07/28/2022
PULLMAN, WA—Following the virtual public meeting on July 18, 2022, to address an appeal on the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) 22-03 for the Mader Rock Excavation proposal, the Hearing Examiner determined to vacate the original SEPA Mitigated Determination of Non-significance (MDNS) decision.

The Hearing Examiner’s decision remands to the applicant to provide further analysis concerning environmental impacts related to noise, dust, blasting, hydrogeologic, and environmental health, before resubmitting a SEPA checklist.

“We’re grateful for the insightful and speedy determination of the Hearing Examiner,” said RJ Lott, Community Development director. “Depending on how the applicant chooses to proceed, the City is prepared to consider all available information to help move this process forward.”

The applicant can either provide the supplemental materials at a future date, withdraw the application, or appeal the Hearing Examiner’s decision to Whitman County Superior Court. There is no required timeframe in which the applicant must supply additional information.

Media Contact
RJ Lott
Community Development Director
[email protected]

View the Hearing Examiner decision.
View a larger version of the map showing the  proposed location of the rock quarry.