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We now offer automatic renewals!  Eligible items are automatically renewed a few days before they are due.  Items are eligible to be renewed twice if there are no holds on them.  We'll send a list of your current due dates, so you can review which items renewed and which did not.

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Adult Titles

The three recommended titles this week are: Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Transform Your Life / Unraveling: What I Learned About Life While Shearing Sheep, Dyeing Wool, and Making the World's Ugliest Sweater / I Have Some Questions for You

Youth Titles

The three recommended titles are: Speak Up! / Delphine and the Dark Thread / Mapmaker

Adult Titles

The three recommended titles are: Excuse Me While I Disappear / The Swedish Art of Aging Exuberantly / Inciting Joy

Own Voices Display

I often run through a spectrum of feelings when I assemble a new display in the library's youth section. Many displays I create involve rainbows, hearts, or cute animals (sometimes all of the above!). Each of these displays brings me joy through creativity, excitement at showcasing our books, and hope that ultimately our displays will get books in the hands of library patrons!

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