New Titles 10/29/2022

Youth Titles
Posted on 10/29/2022
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The Wildcover of The Wild
by Owen Laukkanen

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Dawn knows she isn’t a bad person, she’s just made some bad choices recently. Now she must face the consequences of those mistakes when her parents ship her off to a wilderness boot camp with a bunch of other troubled youth to learn important “life lessons.” Dawn and the other youth at camp will learn a lot of lessons, but not the ones they thought they would. Suddenly, things are going very, very wrong and Dawn is scared, more scared than she’s ever been in her life. If you pick up this book at the library, you’ll be scared too!


cover of Dead FlipDead Flip
by Sara Farizan

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Growing up, Sam, Cori and Maz were the best of friends. Now it’s 1992, Sam has been missing for five years, Cori hides her true feelings behind the veneer of a perfect, popular queen-bee and Maz buries his past beneath the parties he attends. When Sam suddenly reappears in their lives, having not aged at all in the years he was missing, the three friends must confront their pasts and their secrets if they have any hope of survival.


Brown & Friends- Trick or Treat Yourselfcover of Brown & Friends - Trick or Treat Yourself
by Jenne Simon

Available as: Print Book

You may recognize Brown & Friends from your mobile messenger app, but now you can read all about them in this helpful Halloween guidebook. Featuring cute illustrations and spooky humor, the Line Friends tackle everything from picking out the perfect costume, to pulling off the perfect trick!