New Titles 1/28/2023

Youth Titles
Posted on 01/28/2023
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Miles Morales Stranger Tidescover of Miles Morales Stranger Tides
by Justin Reynolds

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In this Graphic Novel, Miles Morales thinks he just may be getting used to this being Spiderman thing. But when Spiderman is invited to a launch for a brand-new video game, things go sideways fast. A new villain named the Stranger quickly emerges as anyone who plays the new game freezes up, and it’s up to Miles to once again save the day.


cover of Briarcliff PrepBriarcliff Prep
by Brianna Peppins

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Avi is excited to start school at the prestigious Briarcliff Prep- a Historically Black Boarding School. While she’s scared to leave her parents to move to Georgia, Avi knows her siblings will be there to look out for her. Avi faces challenges from making new friends, to living in the shadow of her popular older sister- Belle. But when Avi finds out something troubling about Belle’s new boyfriend, will she risk it all to save her sister?

Rust in the Rootcover of Rust in the Root
by Justina Ireland

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Journey to an alternate America in 1937 in this spellbinding historical fantasy set at the crossroads of race and power in America. Laura lives in a world divided by those who practice the mystical arts and those who do not. When her life in New York City isn’t all she hoped it would be, she desperately turns to an apprenticeship at the Bureau of the Arcane’s Conservation Corps. On her first mission she discovers the work of mages from the darkest period in America’s past, work that could destroy everything Laura holds dear.