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Posted on 01/08/2022
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Home Ec for Everyone
cover of Home Ec for Everyoneby Sharon & David Bowers

Available as: print book

Remember when shop class and home economics were required? We all learned how to sew an apron, follow recipes, use power tools and build practical things we could use.  Those fundamental life skills taught us how to be self-sufficient, independent and do things beyond our comfort zone.   Home Ec for Everyone by Sharon and David Bowers is everything and more you need to know to be self-reliant inside and outside your home.


cover of ColombianaColombiana
by Mariana Velasquez

Available as: print book

“A rediscovery of recipes and rituals from the soul of Colombia” is the succinct defining description of this unprecedented cookbook showcasing the alchemy of flavors, atmosphere, culture and stories of Colombian food through the heart and eyes of the author.  A melding of contemporary and traditional recipes, with photography that creates a visual experience.  A stunning book to inspire cooking, hosting, traveling and connecting.


The Plant Cliniccover of The Plant Clinic
by Erin Lovell Verinder

Available as: print book

Plant Clinic is a guide to healing with plant medicine for year-round self-care and wellness.  The book is arranged by recipes and also areas of life where herbal remedies may offer relief and comfort.  Recipes range from teas to bath soaks, medicinal candies, tinctures, syrups and infused vinegars and honey.  Many ingredients you likely have already in your kitchen spices and herbs or growing outside or inside. There are a lot of healing remedies in here including gut, skin, headaches, big feelings like anger, menopause and anxiety.  A book to introduce you to new ways of finding calm, improving health and addressing common physical and emotional concerns.