New Titles 2/26/2022

Youth Titles
Posted on 02/26/2022
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When We Say Black Lives Matter
by Maxine Beneba Clarkjecover of When We Say Black Lives Matter

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Read along with a young Black child as they learn about the strength and resonance behind the words “Black lives Matter.” Join them on a journey across pages filled with deeply saturated, jewel toned illustrations as they see how the words gain power across vignettes of family life, school, protests and the lives of their ancestors in this moving picture book.


cover of Remeber to Dream, EbereRemember to Dream, Ebere
by Cynthia Erivo

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Every night, just before she drifts off to sleep, Ebere’s mother says “Remember to dream, Ebere.” Ebere takes this reminder to heart and makes her dreams as big as possible! Imagine with Ebere in this fantastical picture book as she becomes the captain of a rocket ship with the ability to go anywhere in the universe.


Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boycover of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy
by Emmanuel Acho

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This young adult non-fiction title is an adaption of the adult non-fiction title “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” by the same author. This book approaches every awkward, taboo, and uncomfortable question regarding race and racism with openness and patience. Full of insightful lessons, “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy” is just one way young readers can begin to reject racism within their own lives and communities.