New Titles 3/11/2023

Youth Titles
Posted on 03/11/2023
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Speak Up!cover of Speak Up!
by Rebecca Burgess

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For fans of Click and Brave, this touching coming-of-age graphic novel debut follows an autistic girl who finds friendship where she least expects it and learns to express her true self in a world where everyone defines her by her differences. Mia has a secret- she and her friend Charlie are a viral songwriting duo, but when the opportunity arises to reveal their talents in the real world, will Mia be able to take that big step and show who she really is both on and off screen?


cover of Delphine and the Dark ThreadDelphine and the Dark Thread
by Alyssa Moon

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In this sequel novel to Delphine and the Silver Needle, follow Delphine, Alexander and Cornichonne as they flee from King Midnight’s rat army. As the trio evades capture, they uncover new clues about the mystical Threaded Tailor Mice, causing Delphine’s powers to grow and the mystery to deepen.  Will Delphine solve the mystery of the Threaded and save the kingdom from the nefarious rat king before it's too late?

Mapmakercover of mapmaker
by Lisa Moore Ramée

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Walt is obsessed with mapmaking, particularly working on his beloved map world, Djaruba. What else is he going to do since his family moved to the most boring town in the world? But shortly after their arrival, Walt discovers an extraordinary power- he can make his map worlds come to life! Suddenly his new hometown doesn’t seem so boring after all. And when a magical heirloom leaves Walt, his new friend Dylan, and sister Van stranded in the fantastical world that Walt created, he’ll need to harness his new power to get them home.