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Posted on 03/26/2022
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Black Leopard Red Wolf & Moon Witch SpiderMoon Witch Spider King book coverBlack Leopard Red Wolf book cover King
by Marlon James
Book 1 available in: print, eBook and eAudio
Book 2 available in: print

(first two books in The Dark Star Trilogy)


Marlon James second book in The Dark Star Trilogy is out now and Esquire Magazine states it best in that he “masterfully flips the first installment on its head…makes the mythic tantalizingly real.”  For fans of Game of Thrones, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Tolkien, this is an epic complex and surreal adventure tale that uses unique narrative devices and perspectives. Issues of power, lineage, and identity play out across a mythical African landscape where the battle over the empire continues as eight mercenaries search for a missing boy in this epic Black Futurism genre of fantasy.


Caramel Pecan Roll Murder book coverCaramel Pecan Roll Murder

by Joanne Fluke


The Hannah Swenson Mystery books are a playful food-themed cozy mystery series set in Minnesota.  Hannah runs the local bakery called The Cookie Jar where she is known for her divine baked sweets and her side hustle of being an amateur sleuth solving crimes in her community.  The Caramel Pecan Roll Murder unfolds while Hannah is baking for a local fishing competition.  Things get sticky but never to squeamish in this light-hearted page turning read.