New Titles 4/22/2023

Youth Titles
Posted on 04/22/2023
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Travelers Along the Waycover of Traveler's Along the Way
by Aminah Mae Safi

Available as: Print Book, eBook, eAudio Book

Read a new take on the classic Robin Hood legend in this Young Adult Novel. Set in medieval Jerusalem rather than England, the Third Crusade rages on where sisters Rahma and Zeena have been pulled into the fighting. Rahma wants to stop fighting but before she can quit, she gets pulled into one more mission with her sister. On their way they meet a motley collection of fellow travelers who will help them attempt to foil the usurper queen Isabella and finally bring peace to the Holy Land.

cover of Drizzle Dreams & Lovestruck ThingsDrizzle Dreams and Lovestruck Things
by Maya Prasad

Available as: Print book and eAudio book

When their dad’s warm and cozy inn is named the “most romantic inn” in America, will the Singh sisters also be feeling the love? Taking place over four seasons, follow each sister as they find love in their own unique way. That’s four times the love in just one book! This young adult novel is sure to delight romance lovers as the magic of the Songbird Inn leads the tight-knit Singh sisters to new loves and to discovering the truest versions of themselves.

Crown of Flamescover of Crown of Flames
by Sayantani DasGupta

Available as: Print Book

Return to the Kingdom Beyond in this sequel to the critically acclaimed Force of Fire. Pinki never expected to be the leader of the resistance, but as domination and persecution continues, she summons her courage for a triumphant return to reluctant leadership. Pinki must struggle with what kind of leader she wants to be, will she meet force with force, or is there a more peaceful way to liberate her people? Check out this continuation that takes readers back to the fantastical Kingdom Beyond, where there are always serpents to fight, riddles to solve, and a corrupt government to overthrow.