New Titles 5/13/2023

Adult Titles
Posted on 05/13/2023
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The Curatorcover of The Curator
by Owen King

Available as: print book

One of the most highly anticipated science fiction and fantasy books of 2023.  In a world where cats are revered as priestly religious figures, criminals are nobility.  This story exists in a city divided and a nation on the verge of collapse.  Owen King conjures up the most unique and breathtakingly curious world with driven characters that are unstoppable.


cover of In MemoriumIn Memoriam
by Alice Winn

Available as: print book

In this debut novel, the juxtaposition of war time experience is riveting and shocking.  Set in 1914, a page turning historical fiction that shows the grim reality of war vs the deceptive curiosity of the onlookers from a safe and privileged distance.  A story of great tragedy and young love that is dizzying, dazzling and heart wrenching.


Cascadia Field Guidecover of the Cascadia Field Guide
edited by Elizabeth Bradfield, C Marie Fuhrman & Derek Sheffield

Available as: print book

The intersection of art, ecology and poetry spread across the landscape of the bioregion known as Cascadia.  More than a 100 writers, poets and artists unfurl the wonders of the natural history of place that features over 120 other interconnected beings from the rivers, mountains, prairies, forests and seas.  This book includes the writing and artwork of residents of Eastern Washington including Pullman and Moscow.