New Titles 5/21/2022

Adult Titles
Posted on 05/21/2022
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Fix Me a Platecover of Fix Me A Plate
by Scotty Scott

Available in: print

A cookbook that captures the essence of family, history and a hearty helping of down-home cooking infused with the “funkiest of mouthwatering funky fusions”.  This is Southern comfort food full of flavor with a twist of soul and a touch of humor.  These 60 recipes will take you on a food journey and into a experience around a full hearted family table.


cover of Read DangerouslyRead Dangerously: The Subversive Power of Literature in Troubled Times
by Azar Nafisi

Available in: print, eBook, eAudio

In an era of pervasive cancel culture and book banning; is the divisiveness in politics bleedings onto the pages of literature and at what cost to humanity and the free exchange of ideas?  How can books and writing be a tool in engaging with our opponents and are we as a country striving for a genuine democracy.  Written as a series of letters from Nafisi to her father who was her first teacher on how literature can rescue us from trauma.  Raised in Iran and an immigrant to the United States as an adult, Azar Nafisi’s perspective is vital and provides a path for readers to claim their agency as protectors of great literature in our libraries and schools.  


Easy Beautycover of Easy Beauty
by Chloe Cooper Jones

Available in: print

This groundbreaking memoir not only chronicles and changes the trajectory of Chloe Cooper Jones way of moving through the world but invites the reader to rethink accessibility and the limits we put on ourselves and others.  In a journey around the world, the author reclaims emotional and physical spaces that have been denied to those with disabilities.  In this journey, she faces down her own complicity in upholding societies myths and boundaries and swings the door wide open for the reader to walk through.